November 13, 2008

Madame Récamier By Jacques Louis DavidRené Magritte


  1. omg i am really inspired by this peice of art work yet really confused


  2. cooliyo

  3. I interpret it as someone in therapy, but it’s useless and they’re just a living coffin. They can no longer be helped.

  4. It’s actually representing the fragility in human life and mind, what we see as someone in the above painting is someone who will soon be dead, and it is so uncertain when that will happen and how that Magritte in fact focused more on the fragility rather than the life. He was a morbid painter, so this is understandable. Hope this helps.

  5. Hey
    I have to do a presentation for art in school and I would like to describe this picture.
    Does anyone of you guys know the name of this picture?

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